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Nov. 18th, 2013 12:14 pm
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Mostly the same as This app here.

Except that his missions are done, he has less voices in his head and he has a new mecha.

Robot Name:  OZ-17MS/MMS-01 Prototype - Serpent - Luger Custom.
Robot Description: One of the Prototypes of the MS designed to replace the ever aging Leo from use by OZ during Treize's command of the organization. Luger apparently received it in return for recovering the stolen property that was in actual fact the Leo he was using the whole while. Apparently it had been Treize's personal suit which went missing a long while back.

The Serpent Prototype is only armed with a sonic knife for close range encounters, and its only built in weaponry a pair of 8-tube shoulder missile launchers. In terms of handheld weaponry it carries a large gatling gun/shield similar to the Gundam Heavyarms and Luger's signature heavy anti-armor sniper rifle 'Mr. Mcwuffles'.

The armor of the Serpent is made of sterner stuff than the Leo, and the machine itself is surprisingly mobile for its bulk.

Land: A
Air: D
Sea: C
Space: B

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Player Name: Jockey

Personal LJ: Vjockey

AIM Contact:

Character Name: Luger Amwulf

Source Canon: Das Leiden

Community Tag: "Luger Amwolf"

Notes: Mentioned in the Personality section, Luger suffers from hallucinations and pains that mess with his mental state. It would be prudent to say that these “attacks” could happen at any time, even on the field. I leave it up to the mods as to when these attacks happen and which ones he can break out of during missions.

Background: (Sent to Mod Account)

Personality: Luger is for a lack of better term a nervous wreck. His eyes are always darting around searching for signs of danger, his nerves frayed to the point that he would jump from a sudden noise and this fears preventing him from having any sort of peace, or very much sleep for that matter. Paranoia is a way of life for him; he always believes that someone is watching him, listening to his every word, his every thought and never taking its eyes off of him. This often leads to him screaming out and demanding that whatever it is come out and face him despite the amount of fear that it sends through him, wanting to just get it over with rather than waste away.

The fact that he suffers from hallucinations and chronic pains across his body adds to his already fragile mentality. More than often he would stop stock still, or even start screaming for no apparent reason because of some horror that is only visible to him. There are a rare few moments in which he knows he is hallucinating though, and in those times he causes injury to himself to force himself out of it. He has a habit of turning to cigarettes to try to calm him down and is hardly seen without one.

In regards to social interaction Luger seems to have trouble being around other people. It would be obvious given his stint of isolation from any sort of human contact. As such Luger has a tendency to misspeak in the rare occasions that he does talk to someone. It is however of great comfort to him to be around people who aren’t corpses.

In his calmer moments Luger is a mellow sort of person (so long as he's got a smoke on hand, otherwise he's somewhat agitated) that's easily approachable (so long as you don't mind accidental offences from time to time). Additionally given the fact that he's not actually a real military man he's very laid back rather than professional in demeanor. When too long without a smoke however the friendly attitude becomes considerably more strained and Luger has a tendency to snap at people if there is something he just feels is off about what they said.

Additionally Luger spends a large amount of time in thought during his smoke breaks. Much of it is spent wondering how it is that he was the only survivor, the rest pondering his mortality not only because of the situation he's in but of a number of illnesses he picked up, hereditary and otherwise and more than often wonders if they'll kill him before everything else does. Part of him has given up on ever getting "better", even if medical science had advanced far enough to help him he still wouldn't be able to afford it seeing as much of the pay he USED to receive went to getting meds.

Despite these thoughts however, he has made it perfectly clear that he is in no way ready to die just yet and steadfastly refuses to just lay down and let it happen. Either he can't find some way to get himself cured or he's up against odds that are stacked against in in a fight he'll just have to fight death tooth and nail when it finally comes for him and spit in its face when it finally drags him off because he refuses to go quietly into the night.

Capabilities and Resources: Luger was a member of the Colony’s Militia, specifically the guards often stationed outside the colony. As such he has experience with combat in space. He is also able to pick up on the infection due to his circumstances.

Robot Name: OZ-06/WMC MS Leo - Waechter Militia - Luger Custom

Robot Description: With the advent of many high-grade machines, Mobile Suits like the Leo would have been regarded as obsolete. That of course would not be the case, as far as Mobile Suits are concerned the Leo is essentially the equivalent of an AK-47 in the modern armory. Several decades old and its still effective (and Cheap).

The Waechter Milita variant of the Leo gave it an electronics overhaul as well as permanently attached Booster pack to allow it to operate both in space as well as inside the colony (should the worse come to pass) as well as a slight upgrade to its generator but otherwise it is comparable to every other Leo across the Earth Sphere being utilized by militias and bandits. Waechter Militia machines are painted in a white and red colour scheme (similar to the Tallgeese I) and have an emblem of a Cerberus in front of a stylized Eye.

Luger's variant is more or less based on his niche as one of the colony's marksmen and is outfitted with several optical enhancements and stabilizers. It is capable of utilizing a variety of weapons.

The equipment that Luger's Leo when he leaves Waechter is as follows:

X1 Sniper Rifle - Essentially a GM Sniper's projectile based sniper rifle.

X1 MMP-80 Machinegun - A Zeon-based weapon normally used by Zaku -II Kais and Rick Dom IIs. When not in use it is stored on the rear section of the Leo.

X1 Sonic Knife - Similar to those used by the Britannian Union and the AEU. It is stored on the Leo's left hip.

Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: D
Sea: C
Space: A

Upgrades: Luger will upgrade to appropriated higher tier Mobile Suits as soon as they are received. He shows a preference though to Mobile Suits with mobility and ranged capacity.

Suggested Event List: (Sent to Mod Account)

Sample Post: Here


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